When should you replace your Dust Collector Filters?

Dust collector filter cartridges are perhaps the most critical component in your dust collection system. As you may know, the primary purpose of these filters is to keep harmful dust, fume, smoke, and other contaminants out of the air. Air quality in your facility can be greatly compromised if your filters are failing and ready for replacement.

Here are some tips to help you determine if it is time to replace your Dust Collector filters.

  1. Regularly check your filters for visible damage
    Dust collector filters can wear out from many different factors. Simply opening up the collector, when powered down of course, can reveal visible wear and damage that gives you a quick indication of a problem. You may see tears, holes, or even deformity in the cartridge that lets you know that it’s time for replacement.
  2. Is there visible dust coming out of the exhaust?
    Dust coming out of the exhaust in your collector is a pretty solid indicator that you have bypass. It is important to investigate this issue immediately. You may have bad filters or perhaps a seal is failing or a filter is not seated all the way into your dust collector.
  3. Check your Magnehelic gauge
    Most dust collectors will come with a differential pressure monitoring gauge. While performance will be a good indicator of filter life, a Magnehelic gauge can create a mark for you as to when it’s time to change your filters. A common threshold in many applications is around 5-6 inches of water.
  4. Do you collect a highly abrasive material?
    If you are collecting highly abrasive or corrosive dusts, keep in mind that your filter life will be reduced. Think of materials like sand, glass, ceramics, and the like. If you are collecting these types of abrasive materials, you will want to inspect your filters more frequently for damage. You also can consider other types of materials in your filters that are more resistant to abrasives.


Considering that dust collector filters are the heart of your dust collection system, it makes sense to keep up with regular inspections and replacement of your filters. Follow the steps above to ensure success and please reach out to our team at Spartan Air Purification at any time to learn more or to purchase new filters.

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