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The Industries and Applications We Serve with Air Filtration

With over 30 years of experience in the air purification systems industry, we have the experience and capabilities to meet your needs for any industrial air purification system. This includes individual mist, fume, and dust collection machines and fully engineered, turnkey systems supporting many pollution-generating machines in your plant.

No matter your industry or your application, we’re ready to survey your unique situation and prescribe air filtration that will meet all of your requirements—and keep you in compliance with OSHA, NFPA, and more.

Dust Applications

Dust Applications

Dust is no match for the power of the air cleaning and dust collection equipment supplied by Spartan Air. With more than 30 years of dust collection experience for many different industries, we know how to prescribe the types of equipment and filters that will work best for every kind of dust.

Dust Collection Systems

Here are just some of the industries that create problematic or hazardous dust:

  • Dry Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Metal Working
  • Welding
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Buffing
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Woodworking
  • Powdercoating
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Composite Milling

No matter what your operation does, if it produces dust, you have a potential dust problem on your hands. Get in touch today for a quote on dust collection.

Fumes and Odors
Fumes and Odors

Ambient Fumes and Odors

Sometimes, in large areas with multiple obstructions, it’s impossible to use a source-capture setup to for fumes and odors. In these situations, we can implement an ambient collection system that cleans all the air in this large space. Set up in a “racetrack” formation, ambient air cleaners are suspended at the stratification layer of smoke and fume. These cleaners collect all the pollution in the area, keeping the entire space safe for your employees. 

If you are in an environment where odors are generated (such as an indoor cannabis-growing facility) we can offer special ambient air cleaners equipped with carbon after filters and other pre filters to eliminate all odors in the area.

Mist Applications
Micro Air® Oil Mist Collectors

Mist Applications

Puddles of oil on machinery and equipment, odors, haze—smoke and coolant mist can lead to unsafe conditions, health risks, maintenance complications, and avoidable repairs. If your industry creates oil aerosol, you know the problems that can result.

The mist collectors supplied by Spartan Air solve all of these issues with affordable bag collectors and other high-efficiency filtering technologies.

Food Processing
Food-Grade RP1 Collector

Food Processing

Health issues resulting from airborne contaminants, explosions caused by combustible dust, and cross-contamination of food products are all potential problems when dust is not controlled within the food processing industry.

The full line of dust collection systems, components, accessories, and replacement filters we supply will eliminate worry about OSHA and NFPA compliance and provide employees with a workplace where they can breathe easily.

Plasma and Laser Cutting
RP8-2 ducted to plasma cutting table

Plasma and Laser Cutting

Vast amounts of file airborne particles are created in the plasma and laser cutting processes. High-efficiency dust collection is a must in these situations.

These cutting methods also produce potentially hazardous fumes—ethyl acetate, PAHs, formaldehyde, and benzene to name a few.

The cleanliness of your facility and the safety of your employees rely on the fume and dust elimination you use for plasma and laser cutting. Count on us.

Abrasive Blasting
RP8-4, 32 cartridge collector, equipped with remote mount fan, explosion vents and passive damper

Abrasive Blasting

We supply many sizes and types of blast booths for abrasive blasting industries, as well as for any industry that conducts in-house abrasive blasting.

These blast booths can include cartridge collectors, remote-mounted fans, passive dampers, and explosion vents—among other options.

If abrasive blasting is part of your operation, we should talk about how Spartan Air cacan help keep harmful byproducts under control and also keep you in compliance with OSHA and NFPA for dealing with explosive dusts.

Grinding and Buffing
Get a Quote Micro Air® meets Harley Davidson's requirements for capturing grinding and polishing dust at the source using a a flexible height downdraft - backdraft table ducted to an RP2, two cartridge dust collector, providing 99.99%25 efficiencies and a downward velocity of over 250 feet per minute at the table. Micro Air® equipment was painted Harley black to fit well into the aesthetics of their plant.  Micro Air Logo

Grinding and Buffing

When grinding and polishing metal, many industry standards require the capture of that dust at the source. In many cases, the ideal solution is a flexible-height down-draft/back-draft table, which can deliver up to 99.99% efficiency with a 250 feet-per-minute downward velocity.

These down draft tables can even be painted to match your branded aesthetic!

RP8-6 equipped with cyclone prefilter


When working with wood, both fine and large particulates are produced. It’s important to have the proper air filtration equipment so that all of these potential hazards can be efficiently handled.

Work stations—and your entire facility—can be cleaner, with fewer hazards, when you eliminate much of the woodworking dust that can settle on surfaces and make the air difficult to breathe.

RP1 - Powdercoating Batch Mixer


In powdercoating operations, duct work can run from powdercoating batch mixers to cartridge collectors to provide powders that contaminate the atmosphere. This allows for operators to breathe better and keeps the entire facility cleaner.

Down Draft Tables


One way to control welding contaminants and the health hazards that come with them is with a down draft table. These pieces of equipment are incredibly flexible for different industries and applications, and include features like source capture arms and multiple methods of fume and smoke capture.

There are other methods of welding fume capture as well, all of which will enhance the breathing and vision of the welders in your facility.

NFPA, OSHA, and Combustible Dust
slade combo dust crate and barrel

NFPA, OSHA, and Combustible Dust

In many industries, the dust that’s produced can ignite—or explode. Food processing, synthetics manufacturing, metal processing, woodworking, automotive manufacturing, and recycling are just a few examples.

At Spartan Air, we want to help you control combustible dust so you can comply with safety standards put forth by government agencies and industry hierarchies—but we also care about the safety of everyone in your building.

That’s why we supply a full line of dust collectors, wet collectors, explosion vents, quenchers, backblast dampers, chemical isolation systems, and more.

So whether you’re working with plastics, wood, metal, coal, carbon, or food, reach out to the experts in air filtration today! We can help.

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