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Mist Collectors to Protect Your Equipment and Your Employees

When oil is used as a coolant and lubricant for machining operations, the byproduct is oil mist in the form of an aerosol released into the atmosphere. An industrial mist collector will protect PLC boards, floors, equipment, your employees, and indoor air quality from the effects of that oil mist.

We have the mist collection know-how and experience to design a system to preserve your assets and make your facility a safe place to work.

Microcision 3 OM550DD

The Need for Mist Collection is Real

Technology is progressing. Metal cutting is getting faster. The need for larger amounts of water-based or oil-based coolants is increasing. And when those coolants are released as mist into your facility’s atmosphere, existing problems can be exacerbated and new issues can arise.

Reducing the amount of oil mist in your atmosphere will cut maintenance costs, make housekeeping simpler and more affordable, and will keep your operators safe when using your machining equipment.

Mist Collection Machines

An Industrial Mist Collection System from Spartan Air

Failure to capture and filter coolant mist and smoke can lead to the build-up of oil residue, leaked liquids on machinery and floors—and in general, equipment, health, and safety hazards.

You know all that—but do you know how important it is to choose a mist collector supplier who is well-versed in filter types, air flow, and all types of applications relating to mist collection?

At Spartan Air, we are ready to talk about different types of mist collection. You don’t have to understand what’s involved with different types of mist collection. You do, however, need to grasp the importance of hiring an air filtration company that does. The mist collection systems we design, engineer, and install address all levels of concentration and capture. No matter the size of your facility, we will deliver a system for one machine or central filtration for your entire operation.

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