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Clean Air Booths: The Modular Solution to Fume and Dust Control

In some circumstances, dust, fumes, and other air particles can be very difficult to capture. Down-draft tables and other dust collection systems work well in many welding and production areas, but for others, a clean air booth is the best solution.

We have been in the business of industrial air filtration for more than 30 years, and clean air booths are one of our specialties. Let’s talk about how one of these flexible, modular systems can make the job of fume and dust collection simple.

What is a Clean Air Booth?

Environmentally sound dust and fume booths not only capture particulates, they are self-cleaning and remarkably efficient in capturing and isolating many types of dust and fumes. For example, clean air booths can be used to eliminate grinding dust, manufacturing process dust, welding fumes, and other environmental particles.

A clean air booth draws these pollutants away from the worker so his or her breathing is not hindered or their health negatively affected. High-efficiency, self-cleaning filtration technology catches fumes and dust. The clean air is then redirected back to the face of the booth, doubling its capturing capabilities.

With clean air booths, you can establish a dedicated environment that’s free from welding fumes, dust, and other particles—for the safety and comfort of your company’s most valuable assets.

A Clean Air Booth to Meet Your Facility’s Specific Requirements

At Spartan Air, we have been designing, engineering, and installing industrial air filtration solutions for more than three decades. With the clean air booths we supply, you will never have to wonder if the unit is undersized, if it will handle the particular type of fumes and dust your operation produces, or if your employees will be safe and comfortable.

You can count on all of your air filtration needs being addressed, without extra precautions, cleaning, or maintenance.

Let’s talk about how you can experience all these benefits.

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