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Down Draft Tables Provide Targeted, Effective Air Purification

Down draft tables are workstations with ventilation applications to help consume dust, welding fumes, smoke, and other particles. These high-efficiency, free-standing units come equipped with self-cleaning filtration and are available in a variety of models and features.

Let Spartan Air Purification work with you to provide down draft tables that satisfy your operation’s specific requirements.

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What Makes a Down Draft Table a Vital Piece of Equipment?

When your workers are grinding metal, cutting or sanding wood, welding, burning, applying adhesives, or creating any type of dust, a down draft table becomes vital to that employee’s health and comfort, as well as to the quality of the product they’re creating.

Smoke and fumes are pulled away from the work surface to increase visibility. Dust and other particulates are eliminated to ensure that the end products will be the best they can be.

Let’s discuss how a down draft table can improve efficiency, quality, and employee experience today!

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What Custom Down Draft Table Options Are Available?

Spartan Air can provide your business with this crucial piece of equipment in the size, voltage, and horsepower you need—in single- or three-phase options. Additionally, we can supply you with central-system down draft tables, which are ducted to a remote collector or exhaust fan.

Do you have a small space or need multiple tables in your facility? We have portable tables that can be modified to fit your requirements, as well as custom-built down draft tables with collectors or exhaust fans.

Another more contemporary option for companies is the slotted-back draft hood. This type of hood with down draft air flow allows your employees to work on bigger projects that may require more space, while still effectively collecting dust and fumes.

We know that work surface needs vary based on the task at hand, so we give you several grate options, including fiberglass, painted steel, perforated steel, and rubber-coated steel.

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