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Complete Industrial Dust Collection Systems from Spartan Air

Your facility’s air quality is important to you and your employees. For more than 30 years, Spartan Air Purification has been supplying and installing high-quality industrial dust collection systems in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Look to us when you need dust-collection engineering, design, turnkey installations…all from one source. That’s one point of contact, one supplier, and one company that takes total responsibility for the on-time, first-class completion of every dust collection project.

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Industrial utilities under the ceiling. Ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and fire fighting

From Design to Installation, We Provide Complete Dust Collection Services

As our customer, you will receive multiple benefits including design, engineering, and installation expertise.

All of Spartan Air Purification’s dust collection system installations are performed by our own highly trained and professional service engineers, who are able to regulate the hours required to complete a project without interrupting your facility’s daily operations.

And did we mention that we supply the most advanced self-cleaning filtration dust collectors available on the market today?

Let’s talk about your dust collection needs and how quickly we can get your operation into compliance.

Superior Air Filtration Technology for Dust Collection Systems

We don’t only design, engineer, and install industrial dust collection systems, we also provide all the air filters needed to keep those systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Air filtration technology for dust collectors continues to improve, and our close working relationships with multiple filter manufacturers allow us to offer the most up-to-date and appropriate air filtration for your specific dust collector application.

With the use of high-efficiency filtration, most dust collection applications can recirculate filtered air back into the building without complications.

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Air cleaner and its parts which are case, prefilter, dust collection filter, deodorizing filter, fan, motor, and main body

A Full Range of Dust Collection System Components

Every situation is different and we take the time to customize your dust collection system accordingly.  Some of these items can include HEPA after filters, source capture arms, intellitouch energy management systems, explosion venting, back blast dampers, and more.

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