Installation of Multiple Clean Air Systems

Single-Source, Turnkey Installation of Air Purification Equipment

We not only design, engineer, and build air purification equipment for industrial applications, we also install and maintain that equipment. That means you can contract with one air purification company that has more than 30 years of experience to do it all for you.

That is, hands down, the easiest, most hassle-free way to purchase down draft tables, dust collection, mist collection, and wet collection systems

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Air Purification Solutions Without the Hassle

If you’ve been wondering how difficult it will be to purchase air purification equipment, have it installed, order replacement filters—all from different sources—you can rest easy.

At Spartan Air, we do it all, from design all the way through maintenance. And yes, that includes quick, expert installation too.

When you contract with us, you’ll get a turnkey solution that addresses all of your air purification needs. From duct work to custom fabrication of hoods, curtain systems, pick-up points, and engineering of the flow and velocity of the entire system, Spartan will provide you with the entire solution and will support you completely after the project is complete.

The Spartan Air Installation Difference

Allow Spartan Air to be your one-stop air purification system fabrication and installation delivery service. We will design the most advanced air purification system to meet your employees’ needs and satisfy any compliance concerns.

Let’s talk about how we’ll make the entire process simple for you—even install your equipment during your operation’s off hours. Let’s get started!

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