Spartan Offers Single Source, Turn-Key Installation & Air Purification System Fabrication

With Spartan Air, customers will get a turnkey solution for their industrial air purification project. We have the ability to design, engineer, and complete air purification system fabrication. Spartan Air installs everything from wet dust collections systems to smaller projects. When you need a solution for your indoor air pollution problems, look no further than Spartan. We have the experience to not only supply you with the correct equipment, but also provide you with a complete turnkey solution.

We Can Fabricate Equipment Components

We have a 5,000 square foot building that houses our sheet metal/mechanical company that allows us to create fabricating hoods, fittings, transitions, etc., which are essential parts for industrial level air purification system fabrication projects.

Other companies need to outsource their air purification fabrication. Spartan Air Purification has the ability to design and engineer your air purification system, install a custom fabricated system and deliver you a turnkey installation. Allow Spartan Air to be your one-stop air purification system fabrication and installation delivery service. Installation, engineering, and design; choose Spartan Air to design the most advanced air purification for your needs. We’ll make the entire process easy for you, so you have a state-of-the-art purification system and no hassle.